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Easy to move your data

  • All your account balances are converted per your existing accounting software
  • All transactions for the current and previous financial year are brought across as journals
  • Your new MYOB file is returned for your review and immediate use

Quick to move your data

  • Fast Turnaround
  • All conversions reviewed by a qualified accountant
  • Make the move at a time convenient to you, based on your business needs.

Secured Data Handling

  • Conversion services by an MYOB partner
  • Data encryption on Australian located servers

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Get a pain free conversion with these Convert2MYOB features:

MYOB Setup

Convert to the software that over 1.2 million businesses trust.


Your MYOB file is returned with minimal downtime.


Inventory made easy as all items and quantities are brought across. Check the FAQ for more information on inventory conversion.


Track jobs and categories effectively. Check the FAQ for more information on conversion of jobs.


All your invoices, credit notes, paid and unpaid transactions for the current and previous financial year will be transferred across.


Replicate your existing account setup. Pick up right where you left off.


Your data is encrypted in accordance with ISO standards. All conversions are completed by CPA qualified accountants.


Complete staff details, pay items and templates for the current and previous financial year are transferred.


All balance sheet items reconciled to your old file.

Quotes and Orders

Draft bills, invoices, deposits for the current and previous financial years are transferred across.


Access supplier, client, and staff details.


Enjoy all the benefits of working with your new MYOB file.


Convert2MYOB is not a registered tax agent or BAS agent and this data service does not constitute a BAS or tax service. You are responsible for reviewing and approving your data to ensure its accuracy once the data service is complete. For specific tax or BAS advice please consult your accountant or tax practitioner.

Convert2MYOB is in no way affiliated with or owned by MYOB.

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